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Dead City

xP// Lukas   •   February 19, 2015   •   0 Comment
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We're based around you

All servers on the xP// Gaming Network are shaped as the result of member feedback. We listen to your views and act upon them as community means everything to us!

The forum not too large and not too small, it’s the right size to be active yet give you a warm welcome to the community!

Voice your opinions!

There are forum boards and soon to be a whole system for server feedback. Your voice is important!

News and updates

Be the first to hear about important news and updates regarding the xP// Gaming network by being a member of the community!


Experienced staff

xP// Gaming has been ran by the same two owners since the beginning – Xenoyia and XpanD. Many other various staff members have been hand-picked from a crowd of outstanding people to further assist the community.

No 'harsh' rules

We allow casual swearing and believe in freedom of speech in all of our servers as well as the forum, as long as you’re not offending anyone!

No unfair donations. Ever.

Our donations will never give an unfair advantage to those who do not want or cannot make a donation. The only additions donators may get is a simple colour change.